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A truly successful STO is only as good as the team behind it. We’ve been an STO advisor and blockchain consulting partner to many great offerings, and we know how to tokenize your business.
Let’s create an STO together.

Technical feasibility study

We’ll be your technical right hand, analyzing your business and its functional & non-functional requirements. We’ll then map it to appropriate frameworks & schemes.


Code review and analysis of the existing smart contract code & related components. As your STO advisor, we’ll prepare a vulnerabilities and security issues report.

Business blockchain consulting

Providing full-service tokenomics: planning all the mechanisms and design intended to make your token perform perfectly in crypto economy.

Token page design

We know that efficient and attractive design is part of a successful STO, so we offer UI/UX design and full development of the token page.

Smart contract development

Blockchain development is our core skill. We’ll carry out blockchain development of secure smart contract code in your chosen technology.

Blockchain lab

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Full-service blockchain development and complete, approachable and practical blockchain consulting.

We’ll get you on the blockchain and walk you through the process, whether you’re building a dApp or considering a larger business solution. We’re dedicated to making your product a real game-changer.

Full blockchain consulting

We excel at blockchain consulting for entrepreneurs, making it possible for them to build an optimal business solution in a larger blockchain ecosystem.


We’ll use our technical expertise to build a working prototype of the intended product, showing its core business proposition (alpha product).

Building MVP

We offer our blockchain development skills to create your first fully working product - allowing you to show its most important features (beta product).

Final product development

That’s where all your ideas turn into reality - we’ll build a decentralized product with all the intended features (live product).

Dapp development

We offer blockchain development services for complete decentralized application (dApp) development.

Blockchain training

Our workshops & introductory to advanced technical and non-technical blockchain training for key project participants.


Paweł CEO
Marcin Head of Blockchain
Dominik Blockchain Consulting Director
Francois Blockchain Consulting
Tomek Blockchain Consulting
Natalia Communications & Marketing Manager
Jacob Content & Social Media Specialist
Tomasz Blockchain Developer
Krzysztof Blockchain Developer
Piotr Blockchain Developer
Staszek Blockchain Developer
Bartek Blockchain Developer
Wojtek Blockchain Developer
Patryk Blockchain Developer
Tomasz Blockchain Security
Ariel Designer
Łukasz Frontend Developer
Natasza Project Manager
Sylwia Project Manager
Mickael Regional Director - Middle East, Asia and Africa
Drew Sales Director US
Paweł Business Development Manager: CH & UK
Jacek Business Development Representative
Santeri Business Development Representative
Oleg Blockchain Consulting

Our Clients & Partners

Maker DAO (USA) - Ethereum stablecoin

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Maker is comprised of a stablecoin, collateral loans, and decentralized governance. We provided blockchain testing services.

Gabro (Hong Kong) - democratizing loyalty rewards using blockchain

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Espeo Blockchain's current involvement is technological blockchain consulting and advisory contributions to the Gabro whitepaper.

Soma (Finland) - decentralized marketplace with a rewarding system.

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Espeo first created Soma’s application, then, plans were made to create an ICO. Espeo became blockchain consultants for the entire technological aspect of the project: reviewing the whitepaper, coin and ICO, and helping in technical research. We then implemented and deployed the Soma coin. We were also tasked with testing (full coverage of automated unit tests) and maintenance.

Giftcoin (UK) - cryptocurrency and system designed to revolutionize charitable giving.

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As a technical advisor, Espeo helped to coded the Smart Contract and advanced KYC mechanisms. The Giftcoin app converts the small change that comes with every purchase into 'Giftcoins', which can then be used for automated or manual donations. The smart contract allows the system to track the transactions.

dBounce (Finland) - decentralized AI audio ecosystem from Cloudbounce.

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Espeo's goal is to help create an ICO for CloudBounce - developing smart contracts for the token, crowdsale and whitelisting.

CloseCross (UK) - decentralized derivatives platform with continuous risk-reward balancing.

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As blockchain consultants, Espeo created the architecture and developed the entire blockchain-based platform. The backend was a public and private blockchain. As part of our design services, we also provided the landing page design - as well as web and mobile frontend.

Streetwire (USA) - peer-to-peer network enabling timely and accurate data about real estate industry.

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Espeo provides technical blockchain consulting services along with design & development support for the Streetwire and RE Ledger websites.

Tontine Trust (BVI) - retirement secured by blockchain

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Trustless peer-to-peer system offering users
significant cost savings on pensions, secured by advanced mathematics, immutable ledgers & pseudonymous accounts.

Trippmatch - travel community with token-based rewards

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Trippmatch will reward travelers for their contributions to a curated and interactive travel platform. Espeo provided blockchain consulting, from tokenomics to architecture planning.

Gaia Robotics (GR) - hub of R&D for ecological robots

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Gaia intends to utilize a token-based voting system to solve the problem of plastic polluting the oceans. Our involvement: tokenomics, industry research and blockchain consultancy.

Finka GmbH (CH) - ranching on the blockchain

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Finka is an advisory service launching their first asset: The Ranch token. The Ranch token represents a cattle ranch in Bolivia, and Finka aims to tokenize (security token) the future yield of cattle. We provided tokenomics and boutique blockchain consultancy services.

AbacasXchange (USA) - universal decentralized exchange (DEX)

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Abacas allows the trade, exchange or transfer of “Any Asset Anywhere Anytime”. It's platform and a community fueled by Asset-Backed CoinS (“ABCS”) , built on top of a ERC20 token framework (created by Espeo) using the Abacas protocol that manages price discovery, order management and trade matching.

Hosho (USA) - blockchain security partner

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Hosho is an undisputed leader in blockchain security worldwide, and and invaluable knowledge & ecosystem partner for Espeo Blockchain.

DCG Blockchain Advisory (CH, UK, UAE) – partner powering a blockchain accelerator program

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Deiss Consulting Group is a blockchain advisory enabling blockchain startups and enterprises to achieve an advantage in a decentralized digital economy.

Blockchain Propulsion (CH, international) - accelerator partner

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Espeo Blockchain is part of an initiative to propel startups and enterprises towards launching successful blockchain-powered business models.

Blockchain Talks (NL) - meetup partner

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BCT host a 100+ monthly event with a Shark Tank competition, which we've also judged on.

Tokenomics (CH) - legal partner

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Tokenomics Switzerland is a FinTech Legal Advisory & AML/CFT KYC service company based in Lausanne.

Brand Leadership Circle (CH) - marketing partner

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Branding, marketing and communication powered by Data Science. A trusted marketing partner we gladly refer our clients to.

Brightlands (NL) - community partner

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Brightlands is an open innovation community in a global context and connects four campuses in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands.

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