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Ensuring a worthwhile investment.

Any successful blockchain product depends on a company’s strategy. Mapping out which services it will deliver, what the business model will be, what jurisdiction it falls into, and what kind of environment the company will operate will set you off on the right foot.

Basic information

Building products involves many people. Designers, developers, product owners, strategists, and most importantly, the users themselves should all collaborate effectively to deliver the best possible product. We have defined our process with a set of tools that fall into scrum tactics within the agile methodology.

Our blockchain consulting method guarantees that our clients will leave with a full understanding of the technical aspects of their blockchain product. We tailor proposals to fit client needs and make the benefits of blockchain implementation clear.
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Who leads the workshop?
Blockchain and product consultant
Who participates?
Product owner, product sponsor, marketing manager, and other business stakeholders
Workshop includes UI/UX works and validation of client’s idea.
10-19 working days (including 2-3 days onsite workshop).
Key methods
User story mapping, wireframing, lighting demos, and storyboarding.

Workshop phases

Defining a product vision and product’s user groups
Defining use cases in the application
Understanding where a private blockchain fits
Mapping use cases
Designing the key Visuals
Creating a product backlog
Defining the MVP and releases

Benefits from working with us

Not everyone has dealt with blockcain for as long as we have and we understand that there might be many questions — from the business and technical sides. Our blockchain product design workshops are specially made for this. We've got you covered.

Over 10 years experience
Dedicated blockchain consultants and developers
More than 25 blockchain projects successfully delivered

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