Based in the UK, CloseCross offers a transparent derivatives trading platform based on the blockchain.


Business challenges

The client patented his decentralized derivatives trading platform a while ago, but there was no technology available that could provide the user with full transparency of the investment process. Blockchain solves that problem, so it became the natural choice. Our Head of Blockchain and the rest of the Espeo team were chosen to turn the CloseCross idea into reality.

Technological challenges

We had to avoid any single point of failure, so it was clear this was to be a decentralized product. It was a challenge, since very few similar solutions have been built so far and we practically couldn't use anything as a model. We also needed to handle transparency issues -- the customers have to see in real-time how other investors behave. Finally, the CloseCross platform had to be visually intuitive.


The back-end was a combination of REST API (Node.js, Kotlin, RabbitMQ, Spring) and public blockchain (Ethereum smart contracts). As part of our design services, we also provided the landing page design -- as well as designed and implemented mobile front-end (React Native). One of the most interesting things we've done is a receipt exchange protocol based on state channels. These receipts are signed by both server and the user with their cryptographic keys so that anybody can verify that both parties have intentionally taken part in the transaction.

End result

Espeo created the architecture and developed the entire blockchain-based platform for the MVP: one of our most complex fintech projects to date.


We delivered

Blockchain development

Frontend development



Espeo has been great throughout our project. Very responsive, quick execution and always available for quick tasks and clarifications. I would definitely use them for other projects.

Vaibhav Kadikar

Founder and CEO

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