CoinTracking analyzes your trades and generates real-time reports on profit and loss, the value of your coins, realized and unrealized gains, reports for taxes and much more.

Business challenges

Among others, one of the biggest challenges for CoinTracking founder, Dario Kachel, was to find skilled developers with expertise in cryptocurrencies. A trustworthy and reliable IT partner was needed to undertake changes to further develop the web-based platform.

Technology challenges

We adapted payment system to comply with PSD2 regulation, especially Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), added subscription system (auto-payments) for corporate users and new type of user account: expert account. Espeo introduced new languages and tools: Amazon SQS and KMS, Go language and diagnosed and solved problems of scale. Furthermore, we implemented a queue system in order to have control over the number of running tasks, created more micro-services to scale better. We added more safety by adding encryption of sensitive data.

Service provided

We divided the existing application into micro-services that we scaled horizontally. This was to answer the demand for ever-growing performance levels. We refactored and added new features to mobile applications for iOS and Android. Additionally, Espeo handles the cloud infrastructure and is among others responsible for auditing and securing the environment and infrastructure configuration, analyzing and solving performance problems, integrating the infrastructure and website with Espeo’s monitoring system and maintenance process, including periodic security reviews and system software updates.

End result

With Espeo's support, CoinTracking is able to operate smoother and faster, offering the customer what he needs.


We delivered

Software development


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