CurrentCoin is the project of Excelsitor, a software consulting company. It's an Ethereum-based token that will allow users from across the world to create customized software solutions and easily deploy them. Their token presale raised more than $3 million.

Cryptocoin IT & Software

Business challenges

Our goal - creating an Ethereum smart contract for the project and preparing CurrentCoin for their token launch - naturally, they wanted to raise as much as possible in a favourable time for token investments.

Technological challenges

One of the things we had to be careful about was the Know Your Customer mechanism. Here, you have to choose your technology wisely. We also had to deal with potential scalability issues for traffic peaks characteristic for ICO launches.


We provided full ICO development including whitepaper consultations, website, the Ethereum-based token (ERC-20) and crowdsale smart contracts. As mentioned, special attention was paid to KYC. Thanks to Currentcoin, we realised that the Node.js & AWS Lambda combination was the best choice to handle these mechanisms.

End result

We prepared CurrentCoin for a successful launch of their then-ICO (Ethereum-based token), providing blockchain development and consultations.


We delivered

Blockchain development


Frontend development


We worked with Espeo and had a great experience with their experienced developers. They deliver quality work with excellent support, working closely with us so that every question we had was addressed. Highly recommended!

Julian Martinez


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