GabroTech aims to provide consumers with the ability to manage loyalty points from multiple programs. GBO will be a currency as well as a trading tool to use, exchange, and sell on one blockchain platform.

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Business challenges

Gabro's goal was to use the security of blockchain to manage loyalty points & programs. So, the initial scope of Espeo Blockchain’s involvement was to design the architecture of the complete GabroTech solution, both the centralized part of it and all of the blockchain related building blocks and internal components.

Technological challenges

Our biggest challenge was to design the architecture for a rather complex project, and we had to dive into blockchain technologies not many have used before, like Plasma for Ethereum. It took a lot of research, but we were confident these new technologies were the perfect solutions to Gabro's specific needs and problems.


We suggested the following: our own Plasma Cash implementation, Machine Learning-based analytical tools and algorithms, and a multi-currency exchange (among many other custom solutions). The basis for Gabro was a private, permissioned Ethereum ledger (to redeem the customer's points). Naturally, Gabro's solution had to include integration with providers of the actual loyalty points. We've also suggested a number of solutions for the wallets: advanced cryptography and schemes, and ways to include biometric scans to access the wallet. More can be seen in Gabro's whitepaper, and our post about customer loyalty.

End result

We have provided a full, professional blockchain architecture design with a number of custom features. Thanks to blockchain, customers will find it easier to manage loyalty points.


We delivered

Blockchain consulting


“Espeo’s development on our project has been smooth and efficient, with great work attitude and ethics from their developers and consultants.”

Andy Chen

Chairman, Gabrotech

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