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GHP is a blockchain-based health platform that harnesses both a public and private blockchain to grant users instant access to their medical records. Developed by medical professionals, the solution combines practical medical industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology. GHP's plan includes a Security Token Offering.


Business challenges

We had to deliver on-site consulting with the team to determine the best way to integrate blockchain technology to manage medical records and launch an STO. A big challenge was to draw up an architecture review with key insights and a roadmap for the product's phases.

Technological challenges

The complexity of the healthcare system and the sensitivity of medical data proved challenging. A public blockchain would run the STO, while a private blockchain would control access to sensitive data. Planned for a launch in Portugal, GHP hopes to expand into other countries. Medical data handling differs in each jurisdiction so each country would need its own version.


During our time in Portugal with GHP, we came to fully grasp the business model and estimate the cost of the MVP. The project proposal included both private and public blockchains to give multiple levels of security and to control access. We not only had to consider the technical challenges involved in tokenomics, but also in handling sensitive data. With all the necessary features, we were able to give our recommendations for how best to develop this blockchain solution.

End result

Espeo consultants drew up an elaborate architecture review for GHP's medical data management system. In it, a detailed diagram of the project outlines the ways the company can put blockchain technology to good use.


We delivered

Blockchain consulting



The Espeo Team has been spectacular. Great execution, efficient response time, very professional, proactive and all round an added value to our project. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Fernando Santos Leite

Co-founder, CTO

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