Maker is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and offers a variety of decentralized products: their best-known is the stablecoin, Dai.

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Business challenges

Maker needed immediate assistance with testing their collateralized debt position portal, where users add collateral funds and take out loans in DAI. The product had to work before people started putting their money in.

Technological challenges

Maker's portal had to connect to different blockchain wallets and make sense in UX terms and that's part of what we tested for. From our side, the goal was to test the tokenomics, UI/UX, and hardware compatibility of the CDP portal. The fact that we were dealing with a blockchain app was special. Accurate results were needed in testing its cooperation with the blockchain.


Every clickable item was tested first. We then went through user stories and attempted to find edge cases. An example of the uniqueness of blockchain applications was encountering a bug in Maker which interrupted Ethereum transactions between hardware blockchain wallets. Every device had its own quirks in transactions, so we had to test the platform with a variety of wallets. He said that every device behaved a bit differently in transactions and that they tested the Maker platform with a range of hot and cold blockchain wallets. Click here to find out more about Maker's blockchain testing.

End result

Market-leader Maker had a throroughly tested funds/debts portal ready to be released to the public.


We delivered

Blockchain testing


I felt that we had a professional client-supplier relationship. It certainly was good to have a dedicated project manager following this from Espeo.

Soren Peter Nielsen

Head of Product, MakerDAO

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