Promise (Giftcoin)

Promise grew from Giftcoin, a charity-powered token. Their goal is to leverage power of the blockchain to manage donations and make charity spending more transparent.

Charity Cryptocoin

Business challenges

The goal was to prepare Giftcoin for their token launch campaign, and enable it to grow into Promise, a full-scale blockchain-based project.

Technological challenges

User donations had to be fully transparent, and the smart contract had a range of safety requirements. Each transaction had to be untouchable and permanent - so that no tampering with its details could ever be allowed: a natural case for blockchain.


A publicly available ledger was the best way to meet the safety challenges. So, the main goal was to implement the smart contract and launch the actual Giftcoin - the token. Since transparency was a major factor, we had special KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures implemented. That included full integration with the project’s landing page and a KYC provider’s API. We also prepared the token sales platform. We worked within time constraints, as the Giftcoin token was also intended to raise funds publicly for further development. Here's where you can read more about tracking donations.

End result

A reliable smart contract and token sales platform with full KYC mechanisms, enabling Giftcoin to launch their innovative token-based donations solution.


We delivered

Blockchain development




The team at Espeo have brought elegant technical solutions to a number of challenges and their execution of these ideas has been excellent. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Alex Howard

Co-founder, CEO

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