Trippmatch is a next gen travel platform & community for travel buffs seeking to find their next adventure.

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Business challenges

Trippmatch plans to implement a travel platform which pays users to engage and share trip experiences on their app.

Technological challenges

We were tasked with determining the best way to deliver a fully functional application using blockchain technology to develop a social platform. One challenge was to calculate and propose a viable tokenomic model. We also found ways to implement sidechains to overcome scalability challenges.


Espeo consultants met with Trippmatch executives to determine the best way to leverage blockchain for Trippmatch's travel platform. One of the main challenges was in fleshing out the token incentive model while also limiting token inflation. The consultation allowed our team to fully grasp our client's business model and for us to determine the best course of action for their business.

End result

For Trippmatch, we developed a thorough tokenomics model as well as technical roadmap with development milestones built in.


We delivered

Blockchain consulting



Espeo did a great job assessing our current situation and identifying the key drivers required to help us live up to our vision.

Head of Marketing and Product at Trippmatch

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