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You need user-friendly blockchain training.

We’re Espeo Blockchain, a blockchain consulting and development lab with a strong focus on blockchain-based solutions. We also train teams, hold blockchain meetups and lead workshops. We’re ready to head to your office and hold a concise, communicative course for you and your staff. Whether you need technical blockchain training with a seasoned developer, a guide through the legal aspects of crypto, or a general course for beginners, we’ve got you covered -- including hands-on work and personal consultations. Crypto jargon is optional!

We lead tailored blockchain courses for businesses.

Your company’s profile comes first, and we’ll tailor our blockchain training agenda to your industry vertical and your individual business needs. Our strengths lie in blockchain training for healthcare, fintech, and real estate sectors. However, we’re not limited to that. We also offer specialized blockchain courses for public institutions and governments.

Established company
Experienced consultants
& Practical
Custom-made course
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Sample Agenda


General knowledge

  • Models of distributed consensus
  • Most popular blockchain public protocols (Ethereum, Neo, Stellar, EOS)
  • Private blockchains (Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, JP Morgan Quorum)
  • Potential use cases in your sector


Workshops - blockchain tools

  • Installation and usage of the most popular tools: MetaMask, Testnet, Web3
  • Setting up your own private blockchain


Workshops - smart contracts

  • Introduction to Solidity
  • Introduction to Stellar
  • Implementation of the smart contract for your use case
  • One-on-one conversations

Our experts:

Oleg Brytskyi Consultant involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2014. Extensive knowledge of white paper creation, blockchain economy & token business strategy.
Francois Devillez MA in Law & MA in Tax Management. 4 years of experience in Project Management. Blockchain entrepreneur. Strong experience in Blockchain consultancy services.

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