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Ways private blockchains empower patients to protect their medical data

Over the last several years IT solutions have fundamentally changed industries such as finance, insurance, and retail. However, there are [...]

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Blocsport.one brings trust and transparency to sports

Distributed ledger tech has the potential to change the way the sporting world operates. Scouting and recruiting players from around [...]

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Hyperledger Fabric for financial settlements

Thousands of small transactions pass within and between organizations each week. Trust between partners is crucial in business. A solution [...]

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What you need to know about Hyperledger Fabric

Enterprises need to ensure some level of security, privacy, compliance, and performance. These processes are very complex and time-consuming. Problems [...]

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6 no-nonsense use cases based on Hyperledger Fabric

Spend any amount of time in the blockchain sector and you’ll find hundreds of articles on ways blockchain technology will [...]

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Top 10 crypto exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies

Buying digital currencies begins with finding the right exchange that meets your needs. There are more than 2,500 exchanges to [...]

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