Win a free blockchain proof of concept app

We’re giving away a free blockchain proof of concept application to one lucky winner. From now until December 31st, submit your app idea to the contact form below to enter a chance to win. 

Billion-dollar app ideas emerge every day. It takes a balance of speed and accuracy to bring those to the market ahead of your competitors. Many struggle to get off the ground because they lack a clear product/market fit and roadmap for further development.  

If you’ve got a great app idea and need help putting it into action or need to focus your thoughts, we have plenty of experience designing and delivering market-leading applications and POCs

Fill in belows form and or contact us !

Proofs of concept applications are essential parts of any successful funding round or user tests. They demonstrate exactly how an app idea will function in the world, making the business value much clearer.

POCs start the application development process by working out many of the architectural choices you’ll have to make before you launch a more polished app to the market. It’s a kind of test for users and investors alike. 

This is especially important for blockchain since the value is at times unclear for those unfamiliar with the technology. It’s easy to say that blockchain will change the face of business. 

Show them how instead. 

Convince your stakeholders the value of distributed ledger tech with a proof of concept. 

Simply send us your idea and our internal jury will review the proposals and choose one lucky winner for a free POC. 

Get started now and send in your blockchain app ideas!

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