Espeo Blockchain receives the exclusive Hyperledger service provider certification

Espeo Blockchain becomes a trusted and vetted service provider for connecting, contributing, and collaborating with the Hyperledger community on building enterprise-grade blockchain ecosystems. As a result, the company will support the development of open platforms for distributed ledgers with other future-looking blockchain establishments.

Espeo Blockchain was founded to provide organizations with guidance in moving towards a distributed future. By utilizing the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, the company builds practical solutions to common business cases like invoice processing, commissions management, financial settlements, contract validation or master data management.
As one of Europe’s leading blockchain consulting companies, receiving the prestigious Hyperledger Service Provider Certification was a natural step for Espeo Blockchain.
Espeo Blockchain received the Hyperledger certification
The Hyperledger Fabric Certified Service Provider program ensures that enterprises obtain the assistance they need to deploy new applications faster and more efficiently than ever before. During this process, they can trust that a credible and vetted partner will support their production and operational needs.
Espeo Blockchain’s participation in the Hyperledger association will enable the company to work with other enterprises pioneering in the use of distributed ledger technologies and contribute to the rapid and global adaptation of blockchain applications.
“Joining the Hyperledger community is an exciting opportunity for us, and we look forward to partnering up with its members to accelerate blockchain’s adoption globally,” said Dominik Zyskowski, Consulting Director at Espeo Blockchain. “We cannot wait to utilize our expertise on the matter with other organizations pioneering in distributed ledger technology.”
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