Ninja Academy: Build your cryptocurrency!

What could possibly convince twelve developers to spend six hours of their summer Saturday in one room? Good coding workshops where you actually learn something practical. Bonus points if it’s a hot topic. And there’s nothing hotter than having your own cryptocurrency, and few things more practical in this field than the ability to build an Initial Coin Offering yourself. This is what our latest workshops were all about.


Ninja Academy

As local devs probably know, this isn’t the first time we’ve held Ninja Academy workshops. We have a lot of fond memories of our NodeJS and Elasticsearch workshops, and we’ve delved into Docker and Vert.x in the past as well. 2015 (when we kicked off our initiative) seems so far away! But there’s always time for something new. We’ve recently been involved in creating ICOs (like this one for Soma). We’re blockchain evangelists when it comes to other projects too. And we realize there are many unknowns, but we’ve tried to show that there can be some real benefits of this technology.
Tomasz is one of our blockchain experts, and an experienced developer (and team leader). As I’m sure many of our attendees will confirm, he’s a joy to listen to 😉 We were happy to hold a discussion panel, even if it cuts into our practice time – it’s always worth it. The topics that came up most often were centered around starting a developer’s blockchain adventure and whether it actually pays off. Some were curious about what kind of circumstances would be required to break a blockchain.


We’re still working on recording our workshops, but you can benefit from Tomek’s extensive knowledge in another way: here’s a link to his most recent article. What’s more, we have the presentation he created for the workshops right here:

We’re glad to see massive interest in our workshops, but our space is limited. Fear not – there are ways to ensure you have your spot. This time, all you had to do was like us and share our event on Facebook. Easy! However, it’s better to stay tuned and like us on Facebook to see what we’re going to be up to next.

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