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Blockchain business ideas: Top 6 challenges

We're seeing more blockchain technology uses and solid ideas, but many businesses are still holding back. Why? Four experts attempted [...]

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What are DApps about? Decentralized applications explained

So what exactly is a Decentralized Application (DApp), and how do smart contracts fit into all this?

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ICO checklist chart for your ICO pre-sale

Starting your ICO or ICO pre-sale and anxious that there are certain things you haven’t considered? Here's some insider knowledge: [...]

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Ninja Academy: Build your cryptocurrency!

What could possibly convince so many developers to spend six hours of their summer Saturday in one room?

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How to start an ICO on Ethereum

How do you use the crypto coin hype to your advantage? I'll give you a developer's perspective. I’ll walk you [...]

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Adapting blockchain for business

How does a business adapt blockchain to its needs? That’s the question I’d like to answer in this article. I’ll [...]

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