Manage comissions.
Automate payments.

Track commissions and leads seamlessly to streamline your workflow with Hyperledger Fabric.

Business challenges

Costly administration
Controlling and auditing commission payments is an expensive endeavor. Automate it all with a Hyperledger Fabric private blockchain.
No more hiding behind convoluted transaction data. Everything is laid bare in a private blockchian network. Track everything with ease.
A private blockchain reduces administrative costs and keeps transaction data in one neutral place.

Hyperledger Fabric for commission management

Tracking commissions payments for referrals gets more complicated as organizations grow. Add borders and different record-keeping methods and the complexity gets even more extreme.

A Hyperledger Fabric private blockchain gives companies a shared, neutral place to keep records of transactions. This not only offers unparalleled transparency, but also superior auditing features.

Verify that your referral is sent and was paid. Streamline your auditing and administrative processes.
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Hyperledger Fabric benefits

In a Hyplerledger Fabric private blockchain, each node confirms transactions using a consensus algorithm. This type of project gives firms a neutral place to keep a record of the commission that no one member of the network can control or change. All members have to agree on edits to existing entries as well as any new entries.

Using an immutable commission source you can use trusted data in your internal and external business processes.
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Automate commissions
Track all the commissions and payments in one place shared across your network.
Build trust
Keep a trusted source of data that everyone can check and audit.
Scale up as needs change
Expand the network's capability as your network grows.

Benefits of using Hyperledger Fabric

The biggest benefit of a private blockchain network for tracking commission management is in the ability to quickly audit records in a shared database. This will not only ensure you're getting paid for leads you forward but will also reduce the overall cost to check siloed records.

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