Settle payments.
Tame the chaos.

Seamlessly settle payments between branches and partners. Harness immutable data to record transactions and facilitate payments.

Business challenges

Complex processes
Track payments and look up previous finance entries shared with partners in your network.
Get transparent and cheaper payment cycles on complex agreements.
Inconsistent transactions
Keep a neutral distributed record-keeping center of finance transaction that updates in real-time.

Hyperledger Fabric for finance settlements

Transactions with many stakeholders get complicated and expensive. An operation where finance data should be safe and transparent for each partner in the network is vital.

Currently, these operations related to settlements are not transparent, which complicates business processes. Thousands of transactions, invoices and other paper documents generate complex settlement processes.

Build a private blockchain to tame the chaos and shore up savings in your business.
Simplify your settlements with us

Hyperledger Fabric benefits

Distribute your settlement data across your network and make it easier to send batches of payments transparently.  A private blockchain ensures payments go through and that there's a common record of the transaction everyone in the network can see.
Bring your idea to life
Fraud protection
Since transactions are for all network members to see, it's easy to audit. Immutability guarantees that no one can change the data once it's on the blockchain.
Save on fees
Partners using a private blockchain participate in the common finance processes with shared trusted finance data, cheaper payment operations and real-time status updates.
Automate settlement
With our blockchain knowledge and development based on Hyperledger Fabric, all parties can collect structured finance data and administer these processes in a cost-effective, transparent way.

Benefits of using Hyperledger Fabric

Organize all your payments in one neutral place that distributes data to everyone in your network.

Reduce transaction costs and make it easy to audit your settlements.
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