Track invoices.
Trigger payments.

Automate your record-keeping with an immutable ledger and overcome issues such as inconsistent data, lack of trust and transparency.

Business challenges

Lack of trust

Track data access and protect entries from unauthorized edits.
Complex decision-making processes
Track decisions and audit data easily in your network.
Inconsistent data

Keep records that everyone can access and that updates automatically.

Hyperledger Fabric for document processing.

Lack of trust, inconsistent data, complex decision-making and settlement processes are a few of the biggest challenges in business today.

With a private blockchain system powered by Hyperledger Fabric, you can collaborate better with your network. Share data that updates and verifies by design.
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Benefits of using Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric

Build a private blockchain to verify actions and handle your recordkeeping. Automated payments build trust. They ensure everyone in the network is working from the same data.

Large companies with global offices will benefit most from the technology. Currently different billing and financial systems are a major barrier to effective cooperation.

Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source base for apps that simplify collaboration and establish trust through transparency.
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Automate manual processes
Signing documents like contracts and invoices belong to the past. Networks can collect structured data into their systems to handle signatures in a cost-effective, transparent way.
Reduce time and costs
Collaborators can use existing systems but the biggest benefits are in building a source of trusted data, and in seeing real-time status updates.
Reduce the risk and build trust
With a private blockchain and the immutable data one ensures, you can build business trust and reduce risk in your business.

Build trust and transparency in the work that you do.

With a Hyperledger Fabric private blockchain, you can save crucial data on it and use it to perform transactions.

Using the network gives us trusted data in one common place for all participants. We can set up permissions and design to fit your business needs.

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