Blockchain Consulting

Hyperledger Fabric will transform the way you collaborate inside your business and out. Our experts in blockchain strategy and advisory services will guide you through the process of designing and building your own private blockchain network.

Define your goals and needs

Our consultants combine experience from multiple projects to address your needs by asking not so obvious questions and suggesting optimal approach. As a mamber of blockchain community we help build solutions being upto date with current trends. We are happy to share our knowledge to bring to surface more goals or different groups of needs that need to be addressed. At this stage a glimpse needs to be put towards business value of the idea and its possible adoption.
Business assessment
Defining goals and needs, their rank, stakeholders and their needs, asessing boarders for implementing the idea, looking for different groups withs similar needs.
Product design workshop and prototyping
Our product design methodology guarantees an effective blockchain development process from the very begininning. As we are using User Story Mapping, Wireframing and the best UI design practicies.
Solution design and implementation

The specification lets us plan the necessary work on both business and technical sides better. We focus on the 1st release of the clients visual app prototype in order to showcase it to the potential users.

Validate your business idea

Espeo’s team of blockchain consultants and developers will analyze your business requirements and answer to your concerns in order to specify if a blockchain is right choice for you. Our team will guide you in network design and flesh out new ways to create value. We start with ideas and deliver solutions to your firm’s pressing challenges. From the discovery phase to a working product, we’re here to advise and create.
Is Hyperledger Fabric right for you?
With each action made and entered on a blockchain, a straightforward audit trail verifies accurate records.
How can your abusiness benefit?
Due to its decentralized nature, blockchain can help to remove the middlemen from processes, such as invoice processing and commission management.
How can a blockchain support your business goals?
Blockchains are far more secure than other record-keeping systems because each new transaction is has to reach consensus with all other network participants.
How will a private blockchain fit in your existing systems?
With each action made and entered on a blockchain, a straightforward audit trail verifies accurate records.

Blockchain technology as an emerging disruptor

From invoice processing to commission management to financial settlements, Hyperledger Fabric will change the way you do business. Having an immutable set of data shared within a network is a valuable thing. This is the fundamental feature blockchain technology offers. Clearer auditing and better security will shore up savings letting you focus on the things that matter. Don’t let the complexity of the project hold you back. We’ll take care of the details.

Our blockchain consulting process

Discuss your business idea with us to determine the technical specs, business use case, and ROI. In the end, you’ll get a straightforward pitch deck to take to investors, in-house development teams, or let our seasoned developers build it for you.
Schedule a call with us
Let’s start your journey by discussing your problem or idea. Our blockchain consultants will advise you if blockchain technology is the right fit and guide you in the next steps.
Understanding your goals is our priority.
To best advise on blockchain for business, we have to know if one fits. Analyzing all the technical requirements will also help you understand the capabilities and possible limitations of blockchain technology.
Last and most exciting stage-development
In the last stage of the blockchain consulting sessions, we will prepare you for the development phase, where we start putting everything into action.

Ensuring a worthwhile investment

Any successful blockchain product depends on a company’s strategy. Mapping out which services it will deliver, what the business model will be, what jurisdiction it falls into, and what kind of environment the company will operate will set you off on the right foot.

Basic information

Building products involves many people. Designers, developers, product owners, strategists, and most importantly, the users themselves should all collaborate effectively to deliver the best possible product. We have defined our process with a set of tools that fall into scrum tactics within the agile methodology.

Our blockchain consulting method guarantees that our clients will leave with a full understanding of the technical aspects of their blockchain product. We tailor proposals to fit client needs and make the benefits of blockchain implementation clear.

Who leads the workshop?
Blockchain and product consultant.
Who participates?
Product owner, product sponsor, marketing manager, and other business stakeholders.
Workshop includes UI/UX works and validation of client’s idea.
10-19 working days (including 2-3 days onsite workshop).
Key methods
User story mapping, wireframing, lighting demos, and storyboarding.

Workshop phases

During the workshops our expert blockchain consultants will walk you through the full lifecycle of blockchain project planning and development.